Research Resources

Official UN Organizations

The United Nations
Visit the official home page of the United Nations, including links to the various departments and bodies within the organization.

UN Member States
Information about all 192 member states is available here.

UN General Assembly
The General Assembly is the main body of the United Nations, encompassing all 192 member states.

UN Economic and Social Council
The Council coordinates the economic and social work of the United Nations and its agencies and institutions.

UN Security Council
Look up Security Council resolutions in addition to information about its membership, responsibilities, and powers.

Fundamental Documents

Charter of the United Nations
Read the document that established the United Nations on 24 October 1945, for details on its powers and responsibilities.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The General Assembly adopted in December 1948 this resolution proclaiming basic human rights and calling upon all nations to uphold them.

UN Documentation Centre
A compilation of resolutions, press releases, and other documents issued by the committees of the United Nations.


The following PDFs and links will provide you with an excellent preparation for VIPS MUN.
“A Brief History of the United Nations”
A general introduction to United Nations Nations history.

“A Glossary of Useful Terms”
Delegates may notice a variety of new terminology as they read their Background Guides and prepare for the conference. This glossary covers some of the most frequent terms and concepts.

“A Guide to UN Symbol Documentation”
The United Nations organizes publications and other documentation using a basic format, detailed in this document.

Guide by Uday Rai Mehra: How to Help Mun Delegates become prepared

Various other  research resources : Click Here

“How to Find and Use Official Documents from the United Nations”
“Official UN Document Research Guide”
“Official Guide to UN Documents and Symbols”

 Other Websites


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